Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ryan's been spending some time putting together Lego's, playing Battleship, and doing crafts. He's been wanting me to print pictures so he can do his own scrapbook pages. Sure!
We've also been reading alot of stories for Ryan's class 1000 stories in March contest. He documents all of the stories we read each night and he could win a trip to Great Wolf. Winning classes get to have a party and wear pajamas to school. We're really enjoying the challenge:)
Last week, Ryan missed the whole week of school due to the snow. I lost track of time and I forgot to take pics of our daily routines but we all enjoyed the extra time together. I do know we made cookies and ate cookies. That was fun. We went to the Hunt Club and played games. We ran errands. We played out on the ice. We did alot of things together and got along together. There were some great moments and good behavior. Lovin' life.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. I know they love to make things! Love you all

grandma ellen said...

forgot to put my name on above remark!