Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Loving Moments

We've noticed that nugget is wearing down. He is 16+ years or more...I can't remember. He has never been much of a people person, especially little people. I am Loving that the boys are wanting to know Nugget as they've never really shown interest. I am Loving that Nugget seems to need their attention just as much. He can often be found looking for Tyler and following him around the island begging for treats. Oftentimes, we can be heard telling Ryan to leave Nugget alone or to let him go or to put him down. Inevitably, Nugget seems to stay right by his side with no gumption to leave or jump down. Our family is evolving and I am Loving it.

1 comment:

grandma ellen said...

What a sweet picture of the boys with Nugget. Kitty's do like attention! They are just like people. Glad the boys enjoy him & he enjoys the boys. Love ya