Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hunt Club Fun: Dinner & Gaming

I have some things I want to share but I really don't like to post without pictures. They'll have to come later. I'm hoping I have a cute picture of Ryan blasting the "hard" baseball as Jim and Ryan picked up a TBall bat the other day at Toys R Us. Ryan also got a new bike thanks to some generous gift cards we had been saving from Uncle Rich. (So far Uncle Rich has donated to Wii and the bike, Ryan's favorites and Tyler's too for that matter.)

For now, I'll share our adventure last night!

We bought Ryan a race car bed (to match Jake's) on Craigslist. We planned to pick it up and head to the Hunt Club. The bed was a little big for the Tahoe so we strapped it to the top of the Tahoe hillbilly style. A quick $10 into the games and dinner was served. Two bites later, the boys were ready for more. Ryan had alot of fun with the skill crane candy machine and Tyler enjoyed throwing the skeetball overhand;) Jim enjoyed a more casino-syle game where the coins knock coins down and every once in a while spins some lights around and awards extras. I don't know if coins were going into the machine faster on Jim's game or Ryan's game. I played Keno...$2 in winnings, hooray! Tyler got fidgety, squealed, hollared, and we headed for the Exit sign. Nice evening with family.

Oh, and we had to squeeze Ryan into the third row. The car was so jammed with bed parts that we literally threw Ryan over Tyler's head airplane style through a 6" opening and he found his way to his seat. I had just enough room to seatbelt him in by reaching through the rear hatch...but Ryan loved the ride. He asked if he could always ride back there. Smiles.

Got news yesterday that we'll be going back on 4-10 hour days in June with alot of layoffs so I am super busy. Wondering how the long days are going to work. See you soon with some pix.

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