Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's more American than Memorial Day and Baseball?

So looking forward to some Memorial Day picnics, parades, and time with family. Ryan can't wait to challenge his cousins to a round of baseball or anything else that can kicked or thrown. Above are some fun pictures from the Mother's Day triple header that boys enjoyed in Grandma Vicki's front lawn. Riley Kate was on the sidelines and she hit a line driver that shocked everyone...mostly herself. The kids loaded up the bases and asked Aunt Carol to hit. One smooth pitch and the ball was over the house and into the gutter in the back of the house. Everyone loved rounding those bases and sliding into home anyway:) By the way, if you've never used Spray and Wash, I am a new fan. It saved a $30 pair of Gymboree pants and I've had the bottle since....well...actually, Jim bought it when he was a batchelor and it's magical powers have gone unnoticed until now.
The boys had their first real swim of the summer yesterday. The water was C O L D. Tyler was a real champ and just kept flopping down on his squishy wet diaper butt. They stayed in long enough for mom's feet to turn blue. Then we forced them out and into warm baths. It should be an adventurous summer:) Enjoy.

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