Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We enjoyed the morning hunting for eggs at the Artesian Wells. Tyler really got the hang of it and was grabbing eggs with two hands and filling his bag. Ryan had some tough competition and was locked out behind some adults and got a late start. Some of the kids in Ryan's age group didn't get any eggs at all. Very competitive:) Very fun.
Mom and I went shopping for the festivities next week and we really enjoyed ourselves looking for goodies at Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, and Meijer. Who knew you could find such good stuff at Big Lots of all places. I really scored some awesome scrapbooking embellies for cheap. Yahoo.
I'm three weeks into my transfer at LDT. My hands hurt and I wake up hourly with old lady hands. Ouch. I hope I get used to this soon and that there is no permenant damage.
The whole family went to church today after my speedy drive to mom's to help her through a diabetic low. She definately has an angel looking out for her. The boys enjoyed playing in the nursery. Jim took Ryan bowling after church for being such a cooperative boy these past few weeks. He has really become more independent...getting dressed, brushing teeth and going poopy. There has been alot less fighting between the boys and for that I am grateful. I'm trying to rest up and went to bed at 7 p.m. Friday night. The boys are so cooperative in bedtime. Many nights I am sleeping before they come to bed and they lay themselves down and go to bed with no troubles. Blessings.
We're looking forward to the week of the Lord and look forward to celebrating our blessings with loved ones next weekend. So grateful for a 4 day workweek too.

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grandma ell said...

Great pictures of the kids at the egg hunt. Such cuties!!! Love ya all