Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting Adjusted

Change has certainly taken place in our lives. I accepted a transfer offer to Delta Twp. GM and our world has been flipped upside down. Our greatest worry was finding a daycare. We have found a very special lady to take care of our boys....unfortunately the hours do not quite match up with our needs. My mom has been staying with us to help fill the gaps. I'm so very thankful for her help.

The work on the Assembly Line is very hard. I have been taking prescription strength ibuprofen every day and my body still aches...I can tell that it might be getting easier but I have many new jobs to learn and with each job comes a new muscle to work. (The good news is that it might be helping my weight loss.)

I continue to work my Clerk job too and that has been challenging with the extra hours needed to get to Lansing. There are alot of changes there too and alot to figure out. Ouch.

The change has been especially hard on Jim as he worries about my drive and feels bad that I am working so hard and not really working my mind. He tells me daily that everthing will be okay even if I decide to change jobs. I appreciate his support but want to be certain we are in the clear as his plant is negotiating a contract that isn't ratified yet. Time will tell.

We're looking forward to good weather and are looking into some baseball teams for Mr. Ryan who is hitting and throwing balls the last few days in our front yard. It might just be time to give up the lake for some yard space. I'm thinking the boys would make good use of a backyard baseball and basketball field. We'll see.

Sorry I missed you for so long. The last few weeks have been very challenging and I'm struggling to find some sort of normalcy. I'll try to do better.

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ellen said...

I know you have all had to indure all the changes going on with you all.I know all things will work out for you all in time. You are both so good & dedicated to everything you do. I'll bet your very tired & sore. Hang in there hun. Miss & Love you all.