Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Final Chapter!

We went to the Clinton Theater and caught the Shrek movie this weekend. It was cute. Ryan was scared. And tired. Before I even had the car in drive he had a meltdown for nearly 20 minutes resulting in a pulled over car and alot of slapping. I'm not proud...but when reason fails and there is no end to screaming in a car with a kid who refuses to settle down...what is one to do? I wish I had more patience. After a short nap, everything returned to normal. That is, a crazy and loud life....sans screaming.

I started 2nd shift last night. I hated it and I am sitting here wondering if I can go back tonight. It's such a difficult decision. Sure would be nice to be at home for the summer before Ryan starts school:)

The guys are just about finished with the roof! Jim had to leave for work and Len worked on the roof until almost midnight. We'll all be glad when it's done. Then we can tackle one of the many other projects. It looks really nice...by the way:)

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