Thursday, June 17, 2010

We're hearing more laughter

We enjoyed an evening down at the park last night. We played some baseball. Ryan can slug 'em down there with no worries of hitting the house. Tyler is enjoying swinging the bat too. He has a real Bam Bam style but is making a connection and loves to run the make believe bases in a disorderly style:) Ryan is braving so many new things this year. He saw Kahlen scale a pole and thought "wow, I can do that!" He showed us and has several burn marks to prove it. We were the only ones at the park so we allowed the boys to climb up the slide. Both kids succeeded and Tyler was so excited that he did it on his own (that and climbed the ladder). He has the cutest little accomplishment voice.
Next week, the kids will be home with me. Ryan and mom will be going to Vacation Bible School too. I pray that all goes well and that we accomplish some learning, playing, and enjoying our time together. It's been a hard few months added to some really uncooperative behavior in the recent weeks. The past few days have been really good and we hope for some more smiles and laughter.

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grandma ellen said...

Such cute pictures of the boys at the park. They are such adorable little guys. I love em to pieces & you two too!!!!