Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bouncy Boys & 4th of July Celebration

The boys really got their money's worth at the bouncy toys at Brooklyn's 4th of July celebration. We hit the parade and picnic at Uncle Len's and Aunt Wendy's earlier in the evening and bounced until the fireworks started to explode. We were so impressed with the ever so adventurous boys who dared to climb the shark slide. Tyler even gave it a shot. "That was fun!" he said.
The fireworks were really nice and our little firework lover, Ryan is starting to show a little fear of the noise. Tyler sat with his eyes closed and eventually fell asleep while I covered his ears. When the booms stopped, he got a second wind and none of us went to bed until midnight.

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grandma ell said...

Great pictures Looks like a fun filled day. Love you all