Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo and then to the ER

So we had a little accident the other week and we were jumping into the middle of the lake with life jackets on. It was fun...until...Tyler caught his hand and was trapped, hanging with his full weight off the boat door. It looked badly bruised and had a little scrape but we didn't take him to the Dr. right away. Two days later, I got a little worried and called the Dr. for an appointment. We were sent to the hospital for Xrays and were convinced everything was going to be okay so we headed to the zoo.
It was a fun day at the zoo. Toledo has a beautiful new "bull" pen for the elephants and we enjoyed their spectacularity. After a short hour, I got a call saying take the boy to the ER to have and orthopedic Dr. take a look at the Toddler hand and the sprained growth spot. We had to cut our trip short. The trip to ER was bittersweet as we were told that all that had to be done was to tape the fingers together. So glad our little guy wasn't that badly hurt...but a little ticked to have to use the ER.
It's about 2 weeks later and Tyler is still favoring the hand a little. We'll have to keep watch. Needless to say that he is a bit gunshy for jumping in the water just yet. He is starting to swim like a little brave fishy though.

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grandma ellen said...

Fun day at zoo--pictures all to cute. Poor tyty's little fingers! Love ya