Friday, January 21, 2011

A Birthday Get Together!

So we had to cancel Ryan's Birthday party when he woke up on Dec. 31 and told us he wasn't feeling well and that we better cancel the which point, he grabbed the garbage pail....

So we had a couple of celebrations. Uncle Rick and Aunt Amanda gave Ryan the amazing gift of a Lions Football Ticket and so we made the treck to Ford Field and enjoyed the day. Ryan was so excited.

The following weekend, we spent the day with the Ladd's and Granna Cathy at our house and had some fun eating, eating cake, and playing a few Minute to Win it Games. Ryan loved the cash, the Legos, the crafts, and the Hockey stick he received as gifts.

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grandma ellen said...

This was a riot watching those kids shake their booties. I laughed so hard & was still laughing days later. What a fun day!love you all