Monday, January 31, 2011

Ryan Lost His First Tooth!

Friday, Ryan came home from school and announced that he had a loose tooth. Instantly, he chose an apple as a snack and preferred that I did not cut it up as I usually do. The kid was on a mission. He even asked his dad to tie a string to the door like daddy said he did when he was kid.

Soon enough, I turned around in the kitchen and heard a "pin" drop and a look of surprise and fear at the same time flooded Ryan's face. "I lost my tooth!" he announced. Sure enough, there it lay in the middle of the floor.

At 7:00 p.m., Ryan insisted on putting on his pajamas so that he could get to bed and be sure that the Tooth Fairy had a chance to stop by. We decorated an envelope (of the Lions football field, of course) so that the T -Fairy would be sure to have easy acess to the tooth and to better ensure that Ryan received some loot.

The next morning (Saturday at 5:00 a.m.) he ran to the door to discover his $5.00. Mom and Dad were sure to let him know what a special treat that must have been for his first tooth and also shared with him the fact that when we were kids, it was common to get a quarter.

"It feels so weird, mom!"

I didn't want it to happen:(

P.S. On the same day, Ryan brought home a report card that brought tears to our eyes. He has made alot of improvements in all areas but has excelled at reading. His teacher spends time with him daily reading stories as no one else in the class is quite at that level. She is impressed and proud of his reading accomplishment...and so are we.

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grandma ellen said...

Awe that so sweet!!! Love you Ryan & great job on such a good report card.Love you all