Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grand Haven Sun and Sand

We were really looking forward to our weekend trip to Grand Haven and then to Michigan's Adventure when the unexpected happened....we got a flat tire on our camper on the busy highway.  We couldn't even get the tire off because we only had the tire iron fitting for the Tahoe.  It was a little long to fit in the wheel well of the trailer.  When I called AAA, they said see you in an hour.  I was so worried with fear of having my kids sitting along the side of the highway that I gave the tire another go and sure enough loosened the lugs with only about a 2 inch spin.  Luckily, the Fulks were following closely behind and Jason helped Jim finish the task.  We must have run over a wire on the highway and it wrapped around the wheel well reeking havoc on the rubber.

Oh well, about an hour later we were headed for the sun and sand and the boys made the best of a bad situation by being patient and calm.  Thank goodness.

The water was refreshing.  The sand was cool and the kids loved getting buried.  Our tire dilemma was long forgotten.  We ended the evening at a local pub with the Yager's and the Fulk's and a good time was had by all.  Jim had the best burger he's ever eaten.  Rack it up as a good day!

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