Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yogi Bear Camping with Friends

 Our first day at Yogi Bear was wet.  Jim and I hurried to put up the camper in the rain while the boys played games on the ipad in the Tahoe.  We were pretty much homebound and made the best of it by playing Yahtzee in the camper.  The rain finally died down and we enjoyed a picnic dinner with the Sawdey's, Mitchell's, Yager's, and Fulk's.  After dinner, we sang Happy Birthday to Tyler and ate cupcakes.  The kids enjoyed the finger flashlights that Tyler shared with the Happy Campers.

Saturday turned into a much nicer day.  The sun was shining and the kids enjoyed each other's company.  The bouncy pad was a big hit.  The bigger boys spent the day riding bikes and scooters and discovering adventures in groups of 2 or more on their own.

I loved getting this surprise photo from Tamara.  I stayed back at camp while Ava and Tyler went to the store with the crew.

 It's always tough to get a group shot so we bribed them into actually smiling by promising a silly shot next.  Below is the outcome:
no lack of silliness here.  Good Day;)

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