Monday, April 1, 2013

Disney Vacation

What wonderful smiles we witnessed during our Mid-Winter Break to Walt Disney World.  We stayed for 10 days at the All Star Resorts and the boys were troopers. 

 There were very few times in the day where we just took a seat and rested.  Here, we are waiting for a boat ride.
It's always fun to catch a picture with the characters.  We spent alot of time at the Buzz Lightyear Game and then again at the Toy Story Shoot out.  The boys got so good that they were getting the maximum scores.

Pluto was eager to have his picture taken with the Ladds:)  Woof!

We sported out Michigan attire and smiles most of the days.  There were alot of people from Michigan and it was fun to share the comeradery.

Dumbo is one of the easier rides for the kiddos these days but we still enjoyed the flight.
We sure did spend alot of time taking down the Yetti.  The kids wanted to ride this one over and over and over.  I mean like 10 times in row.  I sat on a rock and people watched as this is the one that had me heading for the wastebasket 3 years ago.  I did brave another ride to prove....whatever.  I made it;)

Pick out the Goofy one here:)

 There's always time for a picture with friends.
 Animal Kingdom proved to be one of our favorite places and a stop to see Mickey was definately in the cards.
Off to the Lego Store to enjoy some real artwork.

The boys wanted to share their special penguins that they won with Chip and Dale.  So cute.  They are still loving those penguins every day.

Another Lego creation.  Wow.  That must have been a back breaker putting that cowboy together.

It was a fabulous vacation.  We are truly blessed.  The boys are already saving for the next big adventure.

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