Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simple Favorites

Dinoland was a fun little area to catch some rides and play some games. The games cost a fortune but the wins were priceless. Tyler beat out Ryan at a Whack-a-mole game to score a cute little alligator that he adores. Ty walked the area so proud of being in charge of the wins while Jim and Ry went spinning in the air. We ate at Restaurantausaurus for a quick meal of chicken nuggets and double cheeseburger with an extra bun to make a meal for 2.

(Really, this part of the park looked so low budget...a little Irish Hills Prehistoric Forest could easily match this area, but the kids loved it:)

Ryan scored his "Orange Crush" turtle at the water gun race against a whole crowd of kids. Nice job buddy. You really worked hard!

Another fun past time was looking for the pressed penny machines that offered tokens of the areas best characters pressed into your own penny. You just deposit 51 cents. Really, it's a cute and fun keepsake. We ended up with about 15 of them but the boys liked making their creations.

I had quite a bit of anxiety over the meal plan as all of the blogs and Disney help desks said you should make reservations 180 days in advance. I felt really crippled doing that (plus, we only had around 30 days notice) b/c I didn't know where we would be at meal times. I did make a few and we played it by ear the rest of the time. We really lucked out when we walked right into the Coral Reef and got seated. It was beautiful and completely lined with aquarium to enjoy the scenery while eating. Jim had Mahi Mahi and I had Lobster Ravioli with sun dried tomatoes. Very delicious.

Pictured above is a little play area by Finding Nemo for families to pose with the Nemo and Friends shark whose motto is: Fish are friends, not food:) many memories...we have to get saving for the next trip.

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Colleen said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! I'm sure the kids won't forget that anytime soon. I would have freaked if I had lost my camera too!