Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Happens!

I was late for work this morning. The snow was deep and I had to shovel off the driveway and my car to get the kids buckled in safely this morning. Your stomach really turns flips when your kids take a look at the snow and say "I hope we don't go spinning this morning." I really wanted to go back inside and watch MM Clubhouse instead. We got behind a snow plow who led us to town but it was slow going. We got here safe and sound. Needless to's a bad hair day:)

We had a good weekend with family and friends. Ryan was a stinker doodle for a while so we missed out going to the U of M game...but he later recovered nicely. I had a lot of fun making dress up dolls with Hailee and having dinner Friday night and Saturday night with friends. Managed to have a couple of yummy adult drinks too. I even got a couple of scrapbook pages completed.

Here's a couple of pics from Disney featuring the boys at the playground. They love slides. Ryan was especially happy b/c he got away with going head first a couple of times.

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