Monday, September 2, 2013

Mudhens Magic

Mudhens game on your birthday?  Who could ask for more?  Well, we didn't ask, but... several players threw the kiddos balls during batting practice which was super cool!  Then, during the game, a random gentlemen came up to us and handed us a Pepsi bottle that directed us to Customer Services.  We ended up with upgraded seats behind home plate while we waited to be interviewed on the big screen and were given certificates for Pepsi for a year:)  What an exciting day that was made perfect with the fireworks show to end the night.

 These characters were pretty cool walking around the stadium.  The blue guys were cool too:)
Love this statue!

Waiting for a home run during batting practice.

Our view from the upgraded seats.  Our real ones were near that lighted building to the back:)  We also enjoyed running into Tyler's friend Myron at the game.  Who knew?

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