Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Stuff that makes me Smile

 What a prized find!  I should have taken an after picture.

Now that is what summer is all about!  Boys being boys.

 These babies blessed our home for a short period of time.  Enjoyed every minute of their stay.

Ryan is ALWAYS ready for the game.  Any game.  Any time. 

That was one heavy and bloated fish.  Jim used a rake and a shovel to bury it.  Yuck!

 My boys really developed a good work ethic this summer.  Tyler gave it his all and was able to mow a portion of granna's lawn.  Ryan consistently mowed granna's lawn and part of our lawn each week.  He even offered to mow the neighbor's one week when they were really busy.  He has saved every penny and hopes to get a golf cart next summer.  Great job boys!

 This cutie is growing up way too can tell by the silver bullet, captain side:)
I love to see cousins laughing, swimming, and playing.

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