Sunday, September 1, 2013

Our P.J. Hoffmaster Camping Trip

 Tyler sitting in the shade waiting for the day's adventure. I don't know how I missed getting pictures of the beautiful beach here at Hoffmaster.  Oh, and that hot and steep sand dune!
 Tyler, Do you remember that chipmunk we watched in the woods?
 I guess we need more practice starting fires;)
 Okay, got it going good enough to roast some marshmallows!  Good going Jim:)
 Ooh...loved me some good reads.  Evanovich by campfire, baby!
 Definately need to find us a camping rug.  Some of these sites are pretty gravely
 I don't even know what this kiddo is up to.  You can make up a sentence:)
Our comfy bed is just like being home.  400 TC sheets are the trick!

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