Monday, July 27, 2009

Fireworks from the boat and randomness

It was a cooly, windy night, but we enjoyed the 3rd of July fireworks on our boat. It's a neat display in the background while dozens of boats gather in the center of our lake. You can barely hear the crackle of the rockets over the laughter and distant storytelling from each boat. Ryan exhibits such passion for each display that it is hard for me to watch the sky as I love to watch his expression filled face. Tyler enjoyed the time snuggling too. I liked hearing his quick little claps whenever the sky filled with twinkles. We're really looking forward to the next 2 weekends where we will enjoy fireworks in Homer (...I keep telling Ryan they are setting them off for my birthday!) and then again in Addison on Tyler's birthday.
We spent the evening celebrating Riley Kate last night. We played some backyard wiffle ball, ate hamburgs, dogs, butterfly cupcakes, and ice cream and finished it up by opening gifts and competing at Wii. Fun times.
A trio of sisters visited at church yesterday and sang for the congregation. It was really moving and inspiring and made me feel a little teary eyed in thankfulness from their noteworthy message. Inspiration soon crept away when Ryan starting chatterboxing during the sermon and would not heed my looks of warning and stern finger to the mouth shhhh-ing.
The day turned into a real downer as Ryan challenged our every move. Long day, long story long, we sent Ryan to bed last night with no snacks and no company. We packed up the Wii and other video games and told him we will not tolerate his misbehavior. Rough night. I'm really hoping today will be better.

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Jen Ladd said...

hang in there you are a great mom and continue to do the right does get better I promise :)