Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Teacher's Gifts and Christmas Cookies

I really had a good time making up blank notecards to give to my teacher friends.  I packaged them in a lunch bag and attached our Christmas postcard with a word of thanks.

We spent a Tuesday after school putting together around 60 Christmas cookies to take to the Kindergarten Christmas celebration.  My mom was gracious enough to get the dough ready while we were at school.  The boys were ready to cut to them out and to grab a few snitches of cookie dough.

They turned out so cute!  And most of all, I love the memory of working together as a family and spending some quieter time with my mom for the fine details while Daddy took the boys to another basketball game.  (Sidenote:  I told the boys how proud I was of them for going to support the Addison Teams.  It's important to have school spirit!)

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grandma ellen said...

fun times, very cute cookies. great job you all.