Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas with Mom

Relaxing before dinner.
Amanda cuddles baby Mason while Momma Chelsea adores.

Miss Hailey is getting so big and pretty.

Chelsea and Kylie relaxing for a bit.  Once the rough-housing began...
they stated they were glad they weren't the little ones anymore.

Mom enjoying one of her gifts.

Ryan unwrapped the Aaron Rodgers jersey from Aunt Wendy and Uncle Len.  I'd say it's a hit.

Jakob singing with Santa.  Too cute.
It was a fun night with family. I'm bummed b/c I put down the camera after getting some shots of the kids and would have liked some pics of my brothers and their wives.  I also missed seeing my neice Jessica and her sweet Xander.  Maybe next time. 

My mom's meals are the best.  She takes very special care to add the special touches and no one leaves hungry.  This year, I requested her famous coconut cream and she went ahead and made a banana cream and a lemon merangue.  Why not, you're never too full for her pie.

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grandma ellen said...

great pictures & good times.