Friday, March 27, 2009

18 Month Check Up...A little late.

Didn't know I was neglecting my little guy until I got a letter in the mail saying Oops, you missed your check up! Jimmy is taking Tyler to the doc today. Ryan can't decide if he wants to join them or wait for mommy so we can sneak off to some stores after school.
Ryan ended up helping Tyler through the photoshoot by sitting in on some shots. Tyler wanted to do everything that Ryan was doing and wouldn't agree to a picture at first without big brother.
The boys played outside again yesterday and it really helps our evenings to go more smoothly.
We're talking with Ryan alot about the value of just being a nice person. Been using some examples of how it feels when friends at school aren't so nice and relating that to how Tyler and other friends must feel when Ryan is not-so-nice. Talking about how good it feels to cooperate and help to make others feel good. That makes me so proud, that makes you feel so proud. That makes Jesus so proud. I love the genuine smiles that these conversations promote.
Looking forward to the weekend. I really want to watch Twilight. We're going to be looking after my mom who is becoming more mobile little by little. Looking forward to a birthday party and hopefully some art projects. (A big shout out to my little lady Hailee who has been honored with accolades for her artistic ability. She's going to be featured in the Ann Arbor News soon. All I can say is "Wow!" Great job Hailee.)
Have a great weekend.

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