Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuning In...Planning On...

Taking a moment to tune in...

The weeks just fly by. Mondays thru Wednesday's in our household are a blurr. I have some cool pictures to post soon of our Easter Egg Hunt at Great Grandma Ladd's house. The kids had a ball! Spent some QT with cousin Jakob and Uncle Rick.

My mom had a procedure performed to help her with her back problems and will be laid up for a few days/weeks. We wore her out yesterday with 3 screaming cousins jumping on the bed. The one that fell down and bumped his head was, of course, mine;) So thankful to my brother Rick who took good care of her the last 2 days while continuing to play super dad on little rest after a 12 hour shift. thanks rick.

Planning to stop by tonight to make sure she is ok and fix her dinner. Last night she got gourmet La Campbells Chicken Noodle in a clear glass mug.

Planning to have a conversation with my hubby about important stuff like, "How has your week been?", since our paths have hardly crossed since Sunday :)

Planning to splurge on some fun scrap related stuff since we got a little extra on the tax return.

Planning to refinance soon, just to save some bucks.

Looking forward to Easter Break.

Hoping my Amazon Book Order is delivered today...I need a good read.

Wanting to remember some ahh haa moments by Ryan...

While visiting Great Grandma Hawkins...
Ryan: We play video games.
GG: Oh yeah?
Ryan: Yeah! But I can't play WII because it makes me too mean.
(ahh haaa)

On the drive home one day...
Ryan: Mommy, my name is R-Y-A-N. Hey, that's 4 letters...and I'm 4 years old. That equals 8!
Mommy: Wow, Ryan. 4+4 does equal 8. Good job, Buddy.

I've got more to remember but have to run. Have a good day.

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