Monday, March 16, 2009

Bubbles & Towers& Games...Oh My!

We pulled out some favorite games from the storage vault. Tyler and Ryan have been Tower making machines! The best part of building a tall tower of blocks is smashing it down and doing a happy dance.

Found a fresh stash of bubbles in the cabinet too! The battery operated bubble blower has been working overtime during our outdoor play sessions. Meanwhile, a little bubble action indoors can be fun too. How many bubbles can you clap, clap? Trust me, they can clap so many bubbles, it will make your cheeks freeze in a permanant blow fish face :)
We had a day of fun with family last week and the boys are really starting to get the sharing thing. (Well...kinda.) Whose turn is it anyway? Tyler and cousin Jakob dare each other to make a move.
I'm always about a week behind the action on updating my blog these days. I never quite get those pictures updated. It seems as if this busy life just continuously gets busier. I really want to share some thoughts on the movie "Fireproof" soon. And I'm hoping I have some fun pictures to share about Avery's Bday party which turned into a really fun basketball tournament for the big kids.
Take Care for now.

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