Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Harvest and Pumpkin Painting

I can't remember if I ever posted about Ryan's tomato plants. I'm sure I must've because I was such a skeptic and I was totally (and joyfully) proven wrong. A few weeks into summer, well past the spring planting time, Ryan and Jim picked up some seeds for tomatoes at menards. When they got home...I said there was no way they would thrive but we could try. I got out 2 hold flower planters and the boys went to work planting the seeds. They watered them and talked to them daily at the beginning. Soon, we forgot about our tomatoes until one day we discovered some pretty thick plants growing against all odds:) I scooped some dirt and flipped over grass and planted two plants alongside our satellite pole. At this point, Ryan really got interested and sure enough he watered and loved those plants daily. It was sometime late August when we discovered bright green tomatoes. We did get a couple of really pretty red ones, in time. Last night, the boys picked the rest. Mostly green. Mostly bug bitten. I wrapped a few good ones in newspaper and we'll see if they ripen. What a valuable lesson. How proud we are of Ryan for taking such good care of his tomatoes. He surely proved Momma wrong.
Here's a scene from some pumpkin painting. The boys really loved mixing all the colors and making the pumpkins black. Tonight we'll probably try to make some eyes and scary teeth. Boo!

We're planning on some Halloween/costume adventures this weekend too. Can't wait.

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grandma ell said...

Good job Ryan growing the tomato plants!!!! Love the pumpkin painting too. Have fun to all