Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Review

No pictures to post from the weekend just yet but wanted to remember the good times we had:
Playing games and good eats at the Hunt Club
Shopping Sams is always fun
Seeing the star of the Eagles, Brendan, come this close (..) to intercepting the football
Enjoying seeing pretty Riley Kate play with Papa Ralph and Grandma Ellen in the stands
Snuggling our not-so-outdoorsy-Tyler from the cold and rain
Worrying about Avery
Having a sleepover with Hailee and Jakob
Major crafting with kids and Cricut Sunday morning:)
Playing at the Church Halloween Party
Going to AHS Haunted House-2 boys chickening out
Eating yummy sloppys and pumpkin decorated cupcakes
Upgrading our Comcast to more channels and DVR and On did we live without it?

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