Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Favorites...Almost ready for Halloween.

Uncle Don as Dick Cheney, Ellen as Spider Zombie, Ralph as Ding Dong...I mean King Kong:) Papa really scared the crap out of Tyler. And Tyler looked at Gma Ellen as if he should be scared but her voice kept her in good favor:)
Aunt Kathi as Dolly Parton was one of Pirate Jim's favorite blond. Sure would like to have a copy of Uncle Dick as Kenny Rogers doing something very inappropriate to Dolly:)

Papa T has a great skeleton smile:) GG tried to cast a spell on me! So fun that everyone played along.
Last night I finally had some time to do a little organizing at the house and managed to dust off an area for the decorations that have been scattered about the house since Sunday as we tore into the goods looking for Halloween essentials for the party.
Tyler played Wii for nearly 2 hours straight. That will win me Mother-of-the-Year Award...but hey, I was on a roll and the kid was happy. I'm chalking it up as a great lesson on hand/eye coordination. Anyway, Tyler is really advancing in his game playing skills, jumping, singing, talking, and coloring.
Tyler is also trying to perfect the "I'll do it when I'm ready!" like other 2 year old kids. We have had issues getting dressed and ready for school in the morning, and getting ready for bed in the evening. Two nights ago I was so tired that I left the two boys downstairs while I went up to bed. After sever inquiries with Tyler to get him to lay down and him refusing...he cried on the stairs while I snuggled in bed. After about 5 minutes I could see his little face peeking up at me and he agreed to lay down. The kid was asleep within 3 minutes. I guess I need to let him do some things at his own pace. At the same time, I am not going to let him waste my time:) In this case, it worked out for both of us.
Ryan is still constantly picking on baby brother but I am really proud when he just cooperates. He does a lot of resting on the couch at night while I'm busy getting Ty to sleep. He is even helpful with turning off lights and TV when he is ready for bed. He's also having really good success with his constipation issues. Now we're starting to introduce Tyler to the big boy potty via a well liked sponge bob potty chair. No pressure Ty and Ry...but we could have an extra $100/month if we get rid of diapers and pull-ups. Go Team!
We've got a low key weekend planned. I'm on the lookout for some more spookies for the house. We have a little too much cutesie and I'm ready for some scares!! JoAnn's? HobbyLobby? Sounds like an adventure.


grandma ell said...

Good pictures & great catch me up news!!!! Come on boys I'm rooting for ya with the potty>>>>GOOOOOOOOOO TEAMMMMMMM. Love Ya All

Tom Bailey said...

Cool costumes.

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