Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Fun Times to Come!

I'm still thinking about the good times spent with good friends. I wish I could figure out a better balance ... some way to keep up with responsibilities but also to nurture those relationships that mean so much to me. I have so many good friends that I just haven't maintained. I hope they all know how they are in my heart. Okay, so I do you all do it?? Leave me a comment if you have some good ideas.
Just some fun posing...the boys always love to pass a schoolbus on the road. I hope that's a sign that they will like to ride on it some day:)

Tyler loves to play on slides.
Jim and I are pretty excited...he bought us a neat little getaway package and we are scheduling some adult time soon thanks to Gma Vicki who is going to watch the boys overnight. So excited. I'm dreaming of good eats, lush accommodations, swimming pool, and spa treatment! Jim is dreaming of cha-ching! ( you have an idea of where we're headin'!)

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