Thursday, November 12, 2009

I hate to blog with no pictures!

I've been a bad blogger this week...mostly b/c I haven't picked up the camera and I think the blog is so boring without a cute picture. It's been a busy week. 3 days this week at the 2nd job doesn't leave alot of time for anything.

Last night, Ryan decided he is not going to go bowling with Daddy anymore on Wednesdays. He stayed home and the 3 of us played video games and worked out to the Wii. The boys discovered a new aerobic exercise where you have to lay down, stand up, lay down, stand up...they thought it was hilarious. It was fun...but boy, it's not as easy as it sounds. Especially when you do it back to back to back. We worked out for about 40 minutes. Good night.

I stowed away a few scrapbook pages in their respective books and enjoyed looking back on the year. I'm going scrapbooking on Friday night with my mom and I am going to put together my December Daily album inspired by Ali Edwards. It's a book you put together before December and you just add pictures and journaling as the days go by. Super Fun.

The boys have really been good these past 2 weeks and Jim and I are both so grateful for the peacefulness of it. This weekend we are going on a getaway together for the evening and Grandma Vicki is staying with the boys. I broke the news to Ryan yesterday...fully expecting that he would object and would want to go on the adventure. He totally surprised me with the fact that he is genuinely excited to spend some time with Gma. "Grandma Vicki is really fun," he says to Tyler. "Do you want Gma Vicki to have a sleepover?", Ryan asks. Tyler confirms, "Dah." with his head bobbing. It's a plan!

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