Thursday, November 5, 2009


I've been spending the last few days organizing baby clothes for a mom to mom sale this weekend. So far I have 4 bins of stuff and I'm still storing away summer clothes. Maybe I'll try a sale again in the spring to sell light weight clothes. I also fished through my storage unit and found several items that I had gotten as wedding gifts nearly 8 years ago that have gone unused. I loaded up the Tahoe and took them over to the church last night as a donation to the holiday bazaar this weekend. Feels good to get some of this clutter out of the house.

Dr. says I have bad, bad cholestoral. I have to start taking a prescription:( In an effort to feel better....I've promised myself to a 14-day workout commitment the first 14 days of Novemeber. I have really done well so far:) Tyler and I ran with Wii Fit last night for nearly 45 minutes. He also taught me a great boxing workout. The other night, Ryan said...but said we were going to exercise every day!! He wanted to run on the treadmill. Nothing like a little confession to friends and family to keep you true to your commitments. Thanks guys.

Here's a picture from the sleep over we had a few weekends ago:
Caught the kids relaxing for a 5 minute period during a 24 hour stay:) Fun.

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