Monday, November 23, 2009

Last minute decision....

We made a last minute decision yesterday to put up the Christmas decorations. We had a few extra hours and a motivated kid and so we went to work. I love our Christmas tree. We have way too many ornaments that fill every branch especially since Ryan ran out of candy canes (we had one) and decided that kisses would work fine too:)

Tyler woke up from his nap and enjoyed watching the action too. In between dusting and finding places for our other treasures, the boys tried to talk us into some video game action so the project lasted the whole day!

Ryan had a sleepover with Jake and Hailee and Xander at Uncle Rick's house. Good times. Mom is in the hospital with a stomach infection and we're really hoping she is home soon.

Looking forward to the upcoming holiday memories and alot of vacation time! Pictures soon to follow...I promise.

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