Monday, August 17, 2009

No pics, but good memories:)

We had a good weekend. There was alot less fighting and arguing this weekend. We had made up our minds that there would be no rewards (adventures) for bad behavior and since it was supposed to be a good weather weekend, we planned to stay home and enjoy the lake. Race weekend is always a good time to stay home:) We played with squirt guns and Tyler's new dolpin sprinkler from the Wheaton family. We went on quite a few boatrides and swam at the park and in front of the house. Ryan is really starting to get the swim pattern down (with a lifejacket on). Spent nearly the whole day fishing on Sunday.

We had one of our proudest moments as parents when we stopped by Kahlen's house and saw that she was jumping off her dock in very deep water. Ryan said, "Let's go! I want to do that." So we pulled up and he chickened out a little. I said, "If Mommy puts on a life jacket and gets you promise to jump in my arms?" "Yes," he replies. Ten minutes later and Ryan is still afraid to jump and Kahlen is on jump #54 and is swimming circles around me.

Tyler heads for the dockside and reaches down for me. Jim hurries to put a life jacket on Tyler and soon enough, Ty scoots to the edge a drops into the water. What a nice surprise! Oh, but wait...Tyler looks at me as if to say.."What the heck did I just do?" Mr. Glenn scoops him back up to the dock and by now, Ryan sure is ready....ready to not be outdone by baby brother, that is!

So cautiously, Ryan edges to the water and kerplunks into my arms with a little frantic kicking and squealing (and exporting half the lake back out of his mouth). The look on his face was so priceless. What a great accomplishment!

Tyler decides he's ready for round 2 and drops back in for another try. At the same time, Ryan couldn't contain himself and he jumps into the water with no warning and shoots back up the top with the biggest smiles ever! We continued this pattern for quite some time and I nearly had to pry Ryan out of the water. (The promise of an ice cream cone did the trick:)

We're so proud of this accomplishment. It is a scary world full of scary adventures. So glad to see our little guy be so brave. It was alot of fun and looking forward to more time jumping in the water and making "fireworks."

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