Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quivering Lip

Ryan had a good time with Granna and Vacatation Bible School. Granna told me at one point he had a quivering lip and said he was scared but she snuggled him up and let him do an activity with her. He wanted to give it another shot today:) Granna was so proud that Ryan memorized his Bible verse. Good job Ry. Let's see how it goes today.

Tyler had an easier time going to school alone today. Yesterday, when I picked him up he was running with other boys his size and didn't even notice me standing there. It was really cute to see. He had a little bit of a grumpy ride home even without Ryan there to pick on him. We made animal noises for nearly 20 minutes and Tyler is really getting good at it. Fun.

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grandma ell said...

Good job Ryan. I'm so proud of you with your bible school & learning your verse. Excellent buddy!!!! And TYTY keep learning all those animal noises ext way to go you all