Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Michigan Adventure

We made the trek over to Muskegon this weekend for Michigan Adventure. We knew it would be cold and we knew the rain threatened. It did more than threaten. It rained nearly the whole day. After about 4 hours of making due with Tyler, he and mom headed for the car for a nap (which never happened). After another 4 1/2 hours, Jim and Ryan found their way back to the car with a whole tale of adventures including rides on huge rollercoasters and a way cool picture of them on the ride. (Sorry, can't post it...I don't have a scanner.) They were totally posing with thumbs up and big smiles. That's my boy. They are both real troopers.
We stayed the night before in a cheap motel that had a cool pool and Ryan practiced his skills of jumping in and swimming. He is such a fishie. Then we headed over to Grand Haven on a cool, drizzly night to enjoy the beach. It was just beautiful and we are so looking forward to the experience when the weather is hot. Stay tuned. I have more to share when I have time.

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