Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trip to the Mighty Mighty Tigers

This is old news...but news I wanted to remember...
On our July vacation, Ryan, Jim and I ventured the trip to Detroit to see the Tigers. Tyler stayed for a visit with Granna and we took off with no tickets. Jim checked the internet before we left and there were plenty. All Tiger fans must have had the same strategy b/c after the long 1+1/2 hour drive, we finally arrived and boldly approached the ticket window to be told that all that was left was standing room only. We just stared at the girl behind the glass and said, uh...yeah right...stand for 3+ hours with a 4 year old. What to do?
We stepped back from the window and thought about scalping some tickets but were too afraid. I mean, they have postings up all over stating that scalping is illegal and police offers are patrolling everywhere. With no backup plan, we stand with dull looks upon our faces waiting for the magical baseball ticket fairy to appear. I asked Jim a few questions and we decided to go back to the ticket booth and to buy one single seat and 2 standing rooms just in case Ryan needed to sit. We approached a different window this time and the gentlemen behind the counter truly grew wings and tapped his magic wand against the cash register and found two seats one behind the other along the 3rd base line. The seats ended up being perfect. We enjoyed the angle and Ryan enjoyed moving between mom and dad to have a different view. I'm so thankful for this underpaid employee who took the time to save our evening.
Bonus: the nachos at the stadium are the best and the fireworks were awesome and were set to music in memory of Michael Jackson. Ryan ate a dog, chips, and apple juice. Jim had a dog. And we scarfed on some salty peanuts we bought outside the stadium for a buck. Good times. (Hey Jim, remember that irritating drunk guy that you had to laugh at who was trying to start the wave but got kicked out? Kinda funny.)

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grandma ell said...

Great pic's of you all at the ball park. Looks like you had a good time. Love to all